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What EEME kids said they learned in May 2016

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About the NPN Circuit Pt 1
With the 2222 facing away from us, the middle is the lever. The left is the collector and the right is the transmitter.
What is the bus part of the breadboard?
The very top and bottom rows of the breadboard without any letters. Each bus is not connected to the other, but all the holes in one bus are connected to each other.
How does the addition of the NPN transistor work?
If the npn middle prong gets power from the led transistor, it will switch on and make the red light brighter.
Segmented LED Explained
The segmented Led has 4 leds and the outside prongs are the short ones on the bus part of the breadboard.
How does the bi-color LED circuit work
the circuit starts at the red wire and goes to the side prongs of the LED. if one of the side prongs does not get electric flow then the LED is only one color.
What does the voltage regulator do?
The voltage regulator drops the circuit voltage to 5V by dispersing 4V directly to the black battery wire to not fry the chip.
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