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What EEME kids said they learned in Mar 2015

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Why the LED lights up with the 9 volt battery
the battery has 9 volts , between the resistors there is 4.5 volts. The diode uses 0.7 volts, and there is enough voltage to light the LED.
How does the LED work?
the short end of the led is connected to the ground wire and the long end of the led is connected to the hot wire
What is the bus part of the breadboard?
the top and bottom rows
How the diode works
The diode acts as a crossing guard. It only lets current move one way. when you flip the diode backwards it leaves an open circuit.
Understanding the Genius Light
the photoresistor works like a resistor when theirs light
EEME Dad's comments: The photoresistor changes its resistance depending on how much light shines on it.
Segmented LED Explained
Positive wire conecting to all of the LEDs and each has there own negative wire
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