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What EEME kids said they learned in Aug 2016

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Introducing The Potentiometer
The Pot is an electronic device that determines how much current goes through. The two outer prongs let current run through while the middle acts as door by turning the knob you ar letting certain amounts of current get through
Turn On Switch - How It Works
When it is on it is an closed circuit and it turn the LED on. When it is off it is in open circuit and it turn off.
How the final Project Warm circuit works
the NPN transistor is controlling the green light. so when it gets voltage it turns the green light on. the opposite is true for the PNP transistor.
Capacitor With Transistor - How It Works
the transistor allows the LED to dim more slowly than before because it allows current from the capacitor to flow to the middle prong of the transistor. This allows the current to flow through the transistor and to the LED. The transistor needs less charge from the capacitor than the LED does, so the LED dims more slowly. :)
How electricity creates a magnet
It already has a very very very weak magnet when straight (with electricity), so by bending around and around we effectively strengthen the magnet.
How the motor gearbox works
The gearbox assembly reduces the high speed of the DC motor using gears to a slower speed.
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