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What EEME kids said they learned in Jun 2016

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About the NPN Circuit Pt 2
The base is the leaver hence when it is placed in a power source and the collector takes in energy the buzzer will go off.
How the pressure sensor circuit works
When the potentiometer is turned all the way clockwise, its resistance is zero, making the voltage of the inverting pin very small, so the op amp outputs 9 volts. As you turn the potentiometer counterclockwise, its resistance goes up, making the voltage of the inverting pin become higher. At some point, the voltage at the inverting pin will become higher than the voltage at the non-inverting pin, so the op amp will output 0 volts. However, if you squeeze the foam, its resistance will go down, causing the voltage at the non-inverting pin to be higher than the inverting pin.
How does the LED work?
The LED works because the electricity flowing through the negative and positive wires flows through the LED lightbulb and turns on the LED.
Turn On Switch - How It Works
When it goes through the panel, because it is in the same column, it goes through the resistor and into the negative side thus completing the circuit. If you turn the panel off, there is nothing which the LED can get its power from and thus turning it off. 2
How is the IR LED unplugged?
it is not connected to the +battery wire there for no electricity can flow from the -battery wire.
How electricity creates a magnet
Electrons are going through the wire. That creates a magnetic field. It's weak in a straight wire. It's strong if the wire is coiled. The coiled wire enhances the magnetic field. The bolt further enhances and focuses the field.
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