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What EEME kids said they learned in Feb 2015

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What is the bus part of the breadboard?
Top and bottom rows of holes. They are connected horizontally
Understanding the Genius Light
when a large amount of light hits the photo resistor its resistance is low, when there is a little amount of light its resictance is low.
What is the resistor's role in a circuit?
To slow down the flow of electricity so the LED does not burn out.
Segmented LED Explained
that if you had a lot of led lights that they would share positive energy but they have there own negative energy:)
EEME Dad's comments: Each LED segment shares the same positive prong but has their own individual negative prong.
What is the terminal strip of the breadboard?
The terminal strip is the 2 middle portions of the breadboard.
Turn On Switch - How It Works
What happens is the resistor, working like a dam is resisting some of the current flows to the switch pannel. It's also making a connection to the switch pannel, so what happens when you take it out, it turns off. Then the switch is acting like a door, when you turn the on switch up, you open the door. when you turn the on switch off, you close the door. It's like closing the flow of electric current.
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