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What EEME kids said they learned in Jul 2016

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Capacitor leaks current as it charges
The more charge that the capacitor has, the more resistance it generates. When you push the button, the fully charged capacitor will put its energy back into the circuit and start the cycle of charging itself again.
Why your electro-magnet gets warm
This video showed how a battery can be short-circuited and why the wire gets warm. The video explained why this particular electro-magnet is safe.
How the final Project Warm circuit works
When npn is on then the pnp is off wich means it is cold. if the pnp is on it means that the npn is off wich means it is cold
Capacitor With Transistor - How It Works
Current going through the base of a transistor requires less energy than powering the LED itself, so instead of using the capacitor to power the LED you use the capacitor to keep the battery's electric flow on. This uses the energy from the capacitor slower- therefore keeping the LED on for a longer amount of time.
How Buzzer Circuit Works
The red wire goes to the top tentacle and the black wire has a circuit that goes to the negative side of the wire but there is a loose white wire that if you connect to the other white wire it creates electricity on the positive side creating the, "RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!"
How does the LED work?
The LED works when you put the longer side facing the red wire (positive) and the sorter side going to the black on (negative).
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