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What EEME kids said they learned in Oct 2016

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A transistor is an electric switch
There are two wires on the 2222 NPN transistor. One of which is called the collector (which is on the right side if the flat side is pointed toward you) and the emitter (which is on the left side) . The electric flow travels into the transmitter by the collector and out the emitter. The base is the third and middle wire on the transmitter and that is like the mechanical switch which lets the current through or not.
How does the LED work?
the two prongs go in holes on the breadboard, the long end is in the positive side, and the short end in the negative. to make the LED work on the negative side, the white/yellow wire is connected to both sides of the breadboard sending a signal to the shorter end of the LED prong.
Diagram explaining the NPN and PNP in our motor circuit
When the left button is pressed, the PNP is on and the NPN is also on since the PNP middle PIN is getting voltage and the NPN middle PIN is at zero voltage. That makes the motor spin. If the right button is pressed only, then the NPN middle PIN is getting voltage which turns it off. But the motor is already off, since the PNP is off, so it has no effect. If both are pressed, then the NPN will be off, and even though the PNP is on, the motor will not be powered because the circuit is left open.
Segmented LED Explained
i learned how to use LED lighs in a cool way and how to use wiers now :) This is the cools projecet ever!
About the PNP Transistor
Acts like a switch in terms that empty and on and it will what electric to the board it needs to go
How does the reed switch work
There are tow thin pieces of metal in side and they are separate and when a magnetic field is nearby they close.
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