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What EEME kids said they learned in May 2016

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How does the LED work?
The current flows into the short negative end. It is then converted into light, and then the current flows out of the positive end.
Sharing Current Explained
I think why the three light go out is because when you pull the one wire out, there is no current between those wires cause they're all on the same column. The separate wire gets brighter and still works because it is making a full flow and is not connected to column 14.
How Buzzer Circuit Works
When it goes on the flow of electrons is stopped from going out, but when you put the tentacles together it joins the electricity flow and makes the circuit complete. (Mom note: this is an 8 year old in his own words, he is definitely getting this!!)
What is Boolean Logic?
Boolean logic involves two possible outputs, true or false, and several operators, NAND, AND or NOT. You can find the results through truth tables for each operator.
Our buzzer circuit is digital
unfortunately our circuit is a digital machine. Because of this it can only produce two different kinds of noises. Loud and silent or on and off. The human voice box which is analog can produce an infinite amount of pitches with no limitations.
How does the reed switch work
The reed switch has two pieces of metal inside that are open. When activated by a magnetic field they close completing the circuit.
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