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What EEME kids said they learned in May 2015

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How Buzzer Circuit Works
we learned that simply when we make the two wires touch it closes the circut and turns on the buzzer, but when we release the two wires from each other the circut opens and the buzzer then shuts off.
Turn On Switch - How It Works
when you flip switch number 1, you close the circuit, turning on the LED. when you turn the switch off, you break the circuit, turning off the LED.
How does the circuit work?
When both of the wires are still in the in the circuit there's a Current and when you take out one of the wires the circuit breaks
About the PNP Transistor
That It works opposite of the NPN transistor
Our buzzer circuit is digital
Our buzzer circuit is digital because there are only two options: silent or loud.
How does the LED work?
the long end of the LED goes to the plus part and the short end goes to the minus section...you should never switch the direction
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