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What EEME kids said they learned in Mar 2015

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How does the LED work?
The long tip goes to the red wire and the short tip goes to the black wire.
About the Pushbutton LED Circuit
the electric current runs from the positive battery wire, through the pushbutton switch, up the resistor then through the long wire to the negative battery wire. the button in this project is a regularly open button. this means that when it is not pressed, the current is closed.
EEME Dad's comments: Great job! One clarification - when the pushbutton is not pressed, the *circuit* is *open* which prevents current from flowing btw the red and black battery wires.
What is the terminal strip of the breadboard?
The terminal strip of the breadboard has wires connected vertically. There are two terminal sections. They are not connected together.
What is the resistor's role in a circuit?
to slow down the flow of the electricity to the LED
What is the bus part of the breadboard?
The top and the bottom rows.
About the NPN Circuit Pt 2
The buzzer gets turned on when the tentacle wires are touching
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