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What EEME kids said they learned in Aug 2016

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Capacitor With Transistor - How It Works
The middle prong of the transistor opens the switch to let electricity flow from one prong to teh other one. Which is connected to the capacitor which lights up the LED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Introducing The Potentiometer
The potentiometer is technically a resister exept a regular resister is fixed and you can not change the resistance . But the potentiometer has a knob for changing the resistance
Segmented LED Explained
There is one prong in the middle of the segmented LED with the positive charge. The negative prongs are on the left and the right, on both sides of the positive prong in the center.
A transistor is an electric switch
A transistor is like a light switch. When there is no voltage at the gate, the switch is off. When there is voltage at the gate, the switch is on.
How Buzzer Circuit Works
It starts out with an open circuit. Once you put the white wires together, it's a closed circuit and closed circuits make things work more.
Capacitor leaks current as it charges
So when the capacitor starts up and you turn the battery on, nothing happens. Then, when you press the push-button, the LED turns on at full blast. But, when you release the push-button, the LED dims. If you keep holding the push button, it eventually dims. This is because the Capacitor is like a magical bucket, that when the magical bucket is low on water, it lets water through. When it is full, it lets no water through. This is what happens with the capacitor because when it has no power, it doesn't turn on the LED because the circuit isn't complete. When you push the pushbutton, the capacitor now releases the energy with the pushbutton connected and goes towards the LED. When you release the pushbutton it kind of stays on for a bit and then eventually fades. That is what is happening with the circuit and Capacitor.
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