How EEME was born

EEME - pronounced EE-mee - is an acronym for Electrical Engineer, Mechatronic Engineer.

My name is Jack. I am EEME Dad. The picture above is my son when he was born many years ago now. When my son was born, I spent a lot of time hunting for fun yet educational things to do with my kid. I found myself dissatisfied with most of the educational toys that existed. I was looking for something that instilled a deeper knowledge of how things work, something that would get my son to ask "why".

Hence, EEME was born and quickly became a vehicle to help me fine tune my educational philosophy as a parent as well as an educator.

Sample a lesson

We want to make sure EEME's "not-so-easy" projects and lessons fit your family's educational objectives. So we welcome you to preview our online lessons so you can more accurately access that fit.

Below is a link to a sample lesson for one of our electronics kits. All our lessons, for all our projects, are free to preview by simply creating a free account for your family.

Additionally, with your free account, you can access our drag-and-drop online electronics lessons which does *not* require purchasing a kit to learn from.