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EEME Experience
EEME Experience
EEME Experience

It's a fun and engaging way to teach kids electronics...

The students were so engaged and it's not every day when you hear kids cheer in class, as well as say, 'You answered the last two questions of the test, can I answer this one?'

Katherine Dinh, Principal of Prospect Sierra Middle School

Between the wonderful instructional video lessons and the actual project kit itself I couldn't ask for much more from an activity to help my child learn about electronic concepts.

Kelley, mom (Read more)

... with kids actually understanding how things work.

My daughter was very proud of her completed project - more than I thought she would be! There were a couple steps that frustrated her, but we slowed down, reviewed the video & figured it out together. I liked that it provided a bit of a challenge. That made it feel like a big accomplishment when she got her light to work.

Maureen, mom of 11 year old (Read more)

I enjoyed it very much. I liked that I got to create something on my own, and it was fun. The videos were very good and really helped me understand how the light worked and fix a mistake I made. I also learned that lights like this are used in outdoor lights, and for safety. I think lots of kids will like doing this project!

Ben, 6 years old (Read more)

It's a great resource for parents...

This is awesome! I have always wanted to share my knowledge in electronics with my 6yr. old son. Now, I have a way to do this.

Gerry, dad of 6 year old

I'm crazy about the fact that everything you need is in 1 kit. I'm crazy about being able to share electronics building w/ my kids.

Mom of a 6 kids

The project is geared for children ages 7 to 12, but my 6 and 8 year olds sat down at the computer and carefully (and enthusiastically!) assembled their Genius Light learning about circuits, breadboards, bus parts, resistors, and more. It was Greek to me, which is what makes this such a FABULOUS resource for parents. You don't have to know anything about electronics to help your child learn about them because the video series teaches you all about it as you watch each step.

Monica, mom of a 6 year old boy and 8 year old daughter (Read more)

... and fun for kids and parents to do together

Pros: Personal contact. Excellent easy to follow videos. All pieces needed in the kit. Simple for ages as young as 6, and fun enough for the over 20 crowd.

Angie, mother of 3 boys (Read more)

Our 6 year old had a fabulous time laying across our bed with Bill and worked through the activity. The electricity was not the only thing making connections.

Penny, mom of 6-year-old boy (Read more)

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