Python Coding and Electronics Learning Kit

Python Coding and Electronics Learning Kit

Hands-on projects + online lessons

The EEME Python Coding and Electronics Learning Kit + online curricula package will not only show your kids step-by-step instructions on how to build real-world circuits, but more importantly, we will teach them how it all works.

Using real components used by real engineers, your kids will be teaching *you* about Python coding, transistors, resistors, LEDs, breadboards, and more!

Prerequisites / what you need:

  • Latest Google Chrome browser running on any Windows 10/11, Mac OS, Linux desktop or laptop.1

What's included:

  • 12 hours curricula package broken up into 90+ bite-sized lessons (less than $13 per hour of lessons):2
    • Video-based lectures for independent, self-paced learning, building, and coding
    • Web-based coding application to learn and run the Python coding exercises
    • Printable Certificate of Completions

  • Hands-on electronics and coding kit:
    • A small "microcontroller" computer board + USB cable
    • Electronics prototyping breadboards
    • 500+ additional electronics components
    • Baggies and a storage system to keep EEME kit organized

No super-hero techie parent skills necessary. No special software installations for your computer needed!

1 Our browser-based coding application only runs on the latest Google Chrome for desktops/laptops (not tablets/iPads, or smartphones).


Price: $149.95

Have Questions?

Q: How does your coding and electronics learning kit work?

A: Your kid will use our curricula package and hands-on learning kit to build various real world circuits in 2 ways - (1) with just electronics components, no coding, and (2) with Python code they write. As our lessons teach them how the circuit and code works, they will not only learn about Python, coding concepts, LEDs, buzzers, transistors, displays, etc - but they will understand the tradeoff with building using either method, guiding them to become better problem solving engineers.

Q: What is the Python programming language? Why Python?

A: Python is arguably the most powerful language in modern computer engineering. You can use Python to program everything from Artificial Intelligence (yes, Python is an interface to ChatGPT!) applications to Robotics to Web Browser applications. As a matter of fact, EEME's website is built using Python. As a bonus, it is also very easy to read and learn (in our opinion, much easier than other languages such as C++, Ruby, Javascript).

Q: Do we need any special to do the coding exercises?

A: Our entire coding application runs in a Google Chrome browser page. But you will need to be using Google Chrome (other browsers don't fully support the web technologies we need for our coding app).

Q: Can we see a sample Python coding lesson?

A: If you already have a free account created, go check out this EEME Python coding lesson (remember, you will need to use a Google Chrome browser).

Q: Can we see a sample EEME video lesson?

A: If you already have a free account created, go check out this EEME video lesson explaining one of our LED coding projects.