• Subscriptions and Purchases

    1. How do EEME subscriptions work?
    2. What is the suggested age range for kids?
    3. What is the commitment?
    4. Can I pick and choose what projects to get monthly? Can I skip a month?
    5. If I have multiple kids, do I need multiple subscriptions?
    6. When do you ship subscription projects?
    7. What is your return policy?
    8. Do you charge sales tax?
    9. Do you ship internationally outside the US?
  • Project Kits and Online Lessons

    1. What projects do you have?
    2. What do I get with an EEME project?
    3. What do we do with the parts from the last project?
    4. Do I need to watch the videos to work on my project? Do you have paper instructions?
    5. Where can I watch the videos?
  • Is EEME right for you and your kid?

    1. Who is EEME meant for?
    2. Do I need any engineering experience? I have none!
  • Account

    1. How do I check the status of my order?
    2. How can I cancel my subscription?
    3. How can I update my account information?
  • Miscellaneous

    1. How do I share feedback?
    2. How do you pronounce EEME? What does it stand for?