Builder Basic: 9 Project Set

Builder Basic: 9 Project Set

The fundamentals of electronics in a single box!

This project set has over 150 wires and components - breadboard, baseplate, battery pack, AA batteries, everything you need to get building and learning.

Each of project is paired with its own online curricula. Your family will build (1) Project Genius Light, (2) DIY Display, (3) Tentacles, (4) Attraction, (5) Fade To Black, (6) Countdown, (7) Tune, (8) IR, and (9) Warm - and learn about LED\'s, resistors, transistors, capacitors, motor drivers, diodes, and much much more!

Done with this 9 project set? You can purchase the next 9 Project Set - Advanced Level to continue your family's electronics mastery!


Price: $170.55

Have Questions?

Q: What comes with each project? How does your program work?

A: Our project kit ships with all the parts and components needed to build the project. Each project is paired with an educational online curriculum of videos and exercises to teach the concepts applied. Upon receiving the project kit, you will simply log in at, choose your project from your dashboard and start building, learning!

Q: What will my kids learn?

A: We'll let the kids themselves answer this - click here to read what kids said they have learned.

Q: Do the projects come with everything needed? Do I need engineering experience or other tools?

A: You do not need to know anything about electronics, circuits or engineering to have a great time with our projects. We include everything you need to build the project. The online curriculum will guide you step-by-step through the assembly process as well as teach you and your kid how the project works!