Python Coding Base Kit

Python Coding Base Kit

(Not-so-easy) Hands-on projects to learn Python coding
This kit has been replaced by a more advanced and comprehensive Python Coding AND Electronics Kit

Your family has built a couple of EEME electronics projects. Take your understanding of how electronics works, and graduate to learning and writing Python code to control the circuitry.

As with all EEME projects, you will still learn and build in a hands-on manner, with our lesson curricula, but now you will do so with Python code!

Prerequisites / what you need:

  • Completed at least the first 3 projects from our suite of electronics projects / lesson curricula.
  • IMPORTANT: still have the electronics components from the Genius Light, DIY Display and Tentacles projects.1 (see what's included below)
  • Latest Google Chrome browser running on any Windows 10/11, Mac OS, Linux desktop or laptop.2

What's included:

  • A small computer board (also known as a microcontroller)
  • Two breadboards
  • A micro-USB cord
  • A web browser based coding app to learn and run the Python coding exercises
  • Limited-time early launch bundle: includes electronics components to build the coding projects for a night light, segmented LED, buzzer alarm circuit.

No super-hero techie parent tech skills necessary. No special software installations for your computer needed!

1 Don't have the parts from your electronics projects? Email us and we'll set you up for replacement parts.
2 Our browser-based coding application only runs on the latest Google Chrome for desktops/laptops on any OS (not tablets/iPads, or smartphones).

Sorry! This product is no longer available!

Have Questions?

Q: How does your coding curriculum work?

A: Your family will learn the Python programming language to write code for the small computer board included in this base kit to control LEDs, buzzers, transistors, displays, and much more. This type of coding is effectively how the functionality in the modern day car, mobile phone, smart-appliance works.

Q: What is the Python programming language? Why Python?

A: Python is arguably the most powerful language in modern computer engineering. You can use Python to program everything from Artificial Intelligence applications to Robotics to Web Browser applications. As a matter of fact, EEME's website is built using Python. As a bonus, it is also very easy to read and learn (in our opinion, much easier than other languages such as C++, Ruby, Javascript).

Q: Do we need any special to do the coding exercises?

A: Our entire coding application runs in a Google Chrome browser page. But you will need to be using Google Chrome (other browsers don't fully support the web technologies we need for our coding app).

Q: Can we see a sample Python coding curriculum?

A: As with all our curricula, they are freely accessible. If you already have created a free account, simple go check out this EEME Python coding lesson (remember, you will need to use a Google Chrome browser).

Q: We don't have the parts to the electronics kits anymore, what can we do?

A: Email us and we set you up with replacement parts.